Presentations & Talks


Essay & Presentation, In the Shadows of Betrayal: Trust and meaningful impact in the face of rapid change, International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations Annual Meeting “The Role of Trust in Organizations,” Santiago, Chile, 2014.

Presentation, The Paradox of Social Media, Opportunity Collaboration, Ixtapa, Mexico, 2013

Keynote, One Year Later: Oak Creek, Bridgewater Gurudwara Interfaith Speaker Series, 2013

Essay & Presentation, Sikh Love Stories Project Ethnography presented at SAFAR Conference, Sikh Feminist Research Institute, Vancouver, B.C., 2012

Ethnography & Presentation, From Authenticity to Assimilation: Bhangra in the lives of second generation Punjabi Sikh youth in New York City and beyond, presented at The New School, Eugene Lang Conference on Race & Ethnicity, 2006 and Soho Road: 5 Rivers to 5 Boroughs, 92Y NYC, 2011


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