Love & Hate: A dirge about 9/11


I hate my love handles

You hijack a plane

A suicide murder

Balbir Singh Sodhi shot in the back of the head

A 5 year old boy with a patka punched in the face kicked to the ground

crushed rib cage his Heart broken open


What harvest will this yield future generations?

Hate breeds hate from the same seed on American soil

self hate/muslim hate/sikh hate


What makes an act of terrorism any different

from your news reporting profiling turbans with brown skin?

from go back home?

from you hating me, hating yourself, hating myself?


If I fill my heart with love

tell you I love you

will that make you stop?

Or will you only see

brown skin long braid widow’s peak steel bracelet?


What about

Ik Onkar etched into my heart

hair covering my body

self acceptance?
Go back home.


Where is my home?

Punjab, my mother

America, my birth place

already destroyed

Ripped apart

flames of hate

bleeding rivers


How do planes explode towers?

How many times can you recite the mool mantr in a minute?

How many seconds in a minute?

How many people died at the count of death?

How many people died that you forgot to count?

How many unborn generations live inside of us, already dead?



Nina Chanpreet Singh, M.S.Ed. is a writer, educator and consultant.  She is the Founder of Kitchen Table Kids which teaches children intercultural and social emotional skills in cooking classes inspired by Guru Nanak’s Langar Kitchen. Her recipe/memoir was recently published in the NY Times bestselling cookbook by Molly O’Neill, One Big Table. She writes, speaks, teaches and consults about a variety of topics related to human development today, ranging from bhangra dance and cultural identity to food history and public health to education and technology.


Originally published on SikhChic in 2011


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