Nina Chanpreet Kaur is an organizational consultant, doctor of social problems and educator. Nina’s work explores and sheds light on what underlies, drives, motivates and manages effective change in the world. From schools to social enterprises and nonprofits, Nina serves as a catalyst for high impact on individual, group, intergroup, organizational, systemic and global levels.

As an consultant, Nina bridges her expertise in organizational and leadership development, applied research, educational design and community organizing. Currently, Nina is a consultant at Teaching Matters where she trains teachers and school leaders in New York City. Nina has served the NYC Department of Education for the last 10 years. Nina is also a consultant to the Boehm Gladen Foundation at Opportunity Collaboration in Ixtapa, Mexico. Prior to this, Nina was the Founder of Kitchen Table Community and taught cooking classes to understand how food can build trust between people of different ethno-religious groups.

Nina is a social psychologist in training at The New School for Social Research where her graduate research is focused on trust, motivation, empathy, the unconscious life of groups and organizations, gender reconciliation and transformative justice. She received a MSEd from Lehman College and holds a BA from Barnard College.

Nina is the author of several op-eds, poems, memoirs and ethnographies. Her writing has been performed in plays and exhibited in the U.S., U.K. and India. Nina recently curated Love911, a multilingual, multicultural and multidimensional social installation and art project. Nina lives for the tender moments of truth and compassion: clear seeing eyes, hands reaching out to help, arms embracing in understanding.

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